Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Howie!

We celebrate Howie's 6th Birthday with BUGS!  He has been planning on his bug party for a few months now and *together*, he and I pulled it off.

We made bug decorations, thought of some simple hats for the guests to make, dreamed up a few games (pin the spider on the web and bug relay races with butterfly nets), made signs for the party, baked "safe" chocolate chip muffins for everyone to enjoy- even the birthday boy- and had some fun, bonding time over the event.  

The budget?  
I didn't keep as close of tabs on it this year as I did last year.  
But my estimations were around the $35 mark.  

The most important thing for the preparations this year was... doing it together.  
By including my 6 year old in the planning, things didn't look quite as polished, 
but the final product was quality time together which is much more important. 
He was energized by spending time over the details with me. 
And it turned out great. 

Looking for bugs in the backyard.

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