Friday, May 18, 2012

What do you see?

What do you see when you look at this photo?  
At first, I see a piece of chocolate cake with a happy boy in the background.  And then my mind starts to wander... I think about the special recipe Gamma used to make this delicious egg-free cake for my sweet boy of allergies.  I remember how she showed me the recipe to review ingredients, no doubt that this recipe had been around for a long time.  And that makes me think of how Gamma is SO good at keeping things and remembering where they are.  I promise you folks, she can whip out archives of years and years of memories and keepsakes faster than you can locate your can opener in the kitchen.  I wish I had about half of her wits when it comes to remembering details.  And then I wander off in my mind to thinking about how she made me a cake when I first come to visit them in Nashville 10 years ago.  A chocolate cake was on the counter.... for me!  Yum, the sweet taste of chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  That spells L.O.V.E.  Which takes me back to the picture.  
Can you see L.O.V.E. on that boy's face?  
I can.

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