Sunday, July 27, 2008

Taking Myself for a Walk

My parent's sweet little dog came to visit us for a night while they were out of town. Poor Chlesea endured a weekend of loud pots banging, hearing crying through the monitor in the kitchen and lots of chasing from uncertain feet that fall often. Howie LOVED having her here. It added a few items to his downstairs work-out routine. He busily put little presents in her cage, mostly toys that he retrieved from his play chest. He would stick his fingers through the door of her cage to let her lick him. This typically resulted in eruptions of laughter- so silly! And the best of all: he found her leash and paraded it around the house... around and around and around. Here is a photo of him having the time of his life with Chelsea's belongings as he wears the leash like a belt/necklace.

Chelsea has now been safely returned to her home where she will take a three day nap. We love you Chelsea!

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