Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Pick-Up Game

Recently, Howie has really been into his Tonka Truck.  His new found interest in walking has created some back pain for us, but the Tonka Truck seems like it will be a savior for us after all. 
The game is a big walk around the neighborhood.  He likes to zoom as fast as he can until he gets tired or hears a dog barking.  At these points, he will stop and either acknowledge the dog, "Doggie!" or sit down and collect a few things from the ground.  The collection is a very important part of the experience as he will carefully selected the items he wants in his truck (leaves, sticks, rocks, cicadas).  Occasionally he will reconsider, stop his truck and remove an item or two.  This game is quite exciting, the new found freedom of walking alongside Mommy and Daddy versus relying on them is exhilarating. 


Jenny McFadden said...

Sounds just like his cousin! Maybe you need to come visit soon so Frankie and Howie can do sorting together?

Christine said...

I love to see him walking around pushing his truck. I remember when we had to lean over to help him do that. Now he is doing it himself.

Howie - don't eat too many cicadas. They are really very yucky you know!

I miss you, but enjoy seeing you on your blog.