Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer 2014 (through the lens of my iPhone)

Gosh, summer went by quick.  As the schools are gearing up to welcome the children for the Fall, we are busy trying to check off everything on our Summer Bucket List.  As I reflect on my time with the boys this summer, it seems to be such a blur.  We had plenty of excitement.

I downloaded the data from my iPhone onto the computer (like a good girl).  Watching the pictures load was liking watching the summer in recap.  Here are some highlights as seen through the lens of my iPhone:

Lifetime Pool

Babe runs the HOA meeting....

While the kids play electronics with neighbors....

 Sweet Bliss at the Loveland Candy Store

Superhero Day at gymnastics (superheroes do not smile per Howie)

The Daddies leave for the lake and the kids play

Pop-Up Game with Walker boys

Discovering hotel brochures for the first time in NC

SMOY Fest 2014

Kings Island with Georgia and Ellis

Johnny thinks in the front yard

Daily lunches take on a gift identity

Out with Mom for her Birthday

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