Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Beginnings in 2009

The year of 2009 has started with a band for me (Becky).  It seems that life sort of sped up with the change of the calendar. 
I just launched a little online children's boutique which is getting a lot of traffic.  It's called Sweet Pea Style and the website is: I love making baby clothes and special gifts.  It's been a fun resource for me to unwind.  I feel that sewing is rather therapeutic. 
My job with UC started on January 5 with an orientation for all practicum students.  I will be supervising 8 students throughout the quarter as they do their preschool classroom experience (sort of like student teaching).  I observe them twice throughout the quarter, but it mostly consists of communicating via email as they turn in their assignments to me for feedback.  So far, I am loving it!
I also am completing training for  It's a company that aligns educational materials with state learning standards.  I work from home to manipulate a search engine to find matches for clients.  This too seems like a good fit so far. 
But my most important job continues to be Howie.  We just enrolled in a gymnastics class that meets Wednesday mornings.  We also just purchased a pass to the Children's Museum.  Our play dates continue to be very important and we spend lots of time throwing balls, reading books, and zooming cars.  And of course, we make the occasional time for Shaun the Sheep- have you seen Shaun the Sheep?!  Check him out!

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