Sunday, November 16, 2008


Here are some updates about our family for the masses...
1. Howie is climbing like a monkey.  The other day Rick was washing the dishes in the kitchen and looked over at the dining table.  Howie was perched on top of the table, proud as ever.  He climbed up the chair, then pulled himself up on the table.  Nothing is safe on the table anymore!
2. I (Becky) have taken a position with the University of Cincinnati as a Student Supervisor.  I will be observing and mentoring undergraduate students who are doing their pre-school placements in the teaching field.  There are two sets of observations, one will be in the middle of the quarter, the other at the end.  I also receive their weekly lessons to review and give feedback.  I'm looking forward to having a job that will allow me to still be a full-time mommy.  My position starts in January. 
3. Jake has moved away to DC.  He is now living with Howie's cousins (Nate and Danny).  Howie was showing more and more difficulty with rashes when Jake was near him.  We made a choice to find a new home for Jake because 1) it wasn't fair for Jake to be alienated from the family and 2) it wasn't fair for Howie to be uncomfortable.  What a hard decision!  It is still weird to not have a dog around the house.  We always loved coming home to the sound of whack, whack, whack (Jake's tail on the wall) and the house still seems rather empty. 
4.  Rick's company is going strong.  He has several guys who are working full-time with WebReliance and we are looking forward to celebrating a successful year with the first company holiday party. 

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Jenny McFadden said...

Congrats on the new job, Becky! And no sign of 5 fishes... Looks like you'll need that new job to pay the library for another copy :(

And I think your decision to send Jake to Nate and Danny's was a good one, a necessary one. Just in case you really miss him, know that I had to scrape poop off Maisy's collar today before throwing it in the wash and giving her a bath outside in the 35 degree weather because she chose to roll in well, poop. Times like those, that doggy farm is looking better and better...