Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boston Baby!

Howie and I packed up our clothes and busted out of Cincinnati on a mostly peanut-free flight to Boston, MA. We enjoyed a week with cousins Frankie and Dexter. It was a fun, noisy, energetic, loving, occasionally pushy, giggly, chilly, yummy week at Auntie Jenny's house.

We had difficulty getting any real posed pictures due to our babies being adverse to the camera. But, here are a few of the better ones...
Doing the City:
Make way for Ducklings...
Shish! (tranlated, Fish!)
The only ones laughing at Brueggers were us. After evacuating the place, leaving a women mopping the protein shake off the floor, we will not be returning anytime soon. :)
Frances puts on her best for our Halloween parade.
Howie is confused by the fluffy pink thing. He got his dose of "girl stuff" this week.
This picture cracks me up. How natural!

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