Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yah, We Got a Kid with Allergies

We have entered the world of food allergies.  We recently went to the allergist...
Howie's blood work shows some additional allergy risks.  These are all things that I suspected within my mother's heart, but the skin tests did not show.  The doctor said it was unusual for blook work to show positive results after the skin tests are negative; usually it is the other way around and the skin testing is more sensitive. 
Here are his results :
No risk/ No allergy: Milk
Low risk/Some Sensitivity: Avodcado, Wheat
Moderate risk: Banana, Peas
High risk: Peanut, Egg
Basically, we have to treat Howie with caution around the low risk foods and refrain from giving him any peas, eggs or peanuts at this time as it would most likely result in an anaphylaxis reaction.  We are going to clean out our kitchen to make sure we are nut-free so we don't risk him picking up unwanted food and eating it off the floor, tables, couch, etc. since he is continues to use particles from the floor as a supplemental food intake.  We are also going to continue to be very careful about taking the EpiPen with us wherever we go (we were already getting into the habit of doing this), the doctor cautioned us about responding sooner than later to decrease life-threatening risks. 
The chances of Howie growing out of these allergies has decreased with the new positive results and the doctor doesn't think it is likely given his history of echzema.  We are going to go back in one year to test him again (skin test and blood work) unless something else comes up in the meantime. 
I don't think I have realized the full extent of the challenges involved with this new diagnosis.  At this point, I am extremely cautious about who I leave him with, this applies to both babysitters, my gym childcare and church nursery workers.  Rick and I also consider these allergies when picking restaurants our family goes to.  I cannot fathom sneding him to kindergarten and trusting the school with his life.  Alas, we are just going to take one life stage at a time. 

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